Pink Fire Pointer Unexpected encounter

Unexpected encounter

We barely knew each other from the start
We didn't even notice each other
We didn't even care about anything
We were concerned with personal matters

Luckily, our paths met 
We were able to talk and spend time together
I wanted to freeze the time but I can't
I must admit I'm very happy when i'm with you

We didn't notice we enjoyed each other's company
Love became playful 
We felt the importance of each other
Yes, I believe this is the good start

We happily did things together
We even became good friends
We long for each other's company
We both hope we can always be together

Oh. Thank God. You crossed our paths
I'm thankful we both felt the same way
All I can say is "Thank you"
I will treasure you forever

Everything has changed
I became a better person
I am starting to live life to the fullest
I now look forward to the future with you