Pink Fire Pointer Love can be a magic

Love can be a magic

Love really moves in mysterious ways. We cannot imagine how we can fall in love with someone whom we barely know. Yes. There are really means where we can meet our destined lover. I often advise my friends to wait patiently and they would meet their partner in the right time at place. I also often sing "Maybe this time" song by Michael Murphy. This song is about friends who meet again unexpectedly. Eventually, they fall in love with each other. So I guess, it is a happy ending.

Yes. That's right destiny could really be true? We can meet "special someone" whom we think would be our long time partner. What if we mistaken that person as the destined one? Oh. Thus, we can say, destiny is also playful. What if that person is not meant to stay? It really hurts. Yes. It is really not easy to teach our heart to stop loving someone if we have devoted and offered almost everything. It is really difficult to leave the person you decided to love and whom you thought you would share the rest of your life. Decide based on reason and not on your emotions.

Another serious thing is leaving without good reason. The person has already fallen and then suddenly left alone. At least learn that everything cannot be owned in this world. Don't expect everything will last. 

Love can really be thought as magic but maybe an illusion.