Pink Fire Pointer November 2010

Unexpected encounter

We barely knew each other from the start
We didn't even notice each other
We didn't even care about anything
We were concerned with personal matters

Luckily, our paths met 
We were able to talk and spend time together
I wanted to freeze the time but I can't
I must admit I'm very happy when i'm with you

We didn't notice we enjoyed each other's company
Love became playful 
We felt the importance of each other
Yes, I believe this is the good start

We happily did things together
We even became good friends
We long for each other's company
We both hope we can always be together

Oh. Thank God. You crossed our paths
I'm thankful we both felt the same way
All I can say is "Thank you"
I will treasure you forever

Everything has changed
I became a better person
I am starting to live life to the fullest
I now look forward to the future with you

Kopi Luwak (Cat poo coffee)

Drinking coffee has been a part of everyday's life of many people. People usually start the day by drinking coffee. This beverage can be prepared in many ways like black, with milk, less sugar, etc. It is no wonder that coffee shops sprouted all over the world, one of which is Starbucks.

Do these shops offer crappy coffee? I don't think so. Currently, there is a latest craze in America. It is known to be "Cat Poo Coffee". This coffee is somewhat special because the java juice comes from the droppings of a cat-like creature called civet. The coffee drinkers though have to pay at least $30 for a cup of frothy brew.

People might think twice before drinking this strange coffee. They might think its dirty knowing where it comes from. It might be unsanitary because Muslim authorities almost banned the beverage in Indonesia. Needless to say, the coffee is sanitary and healthy. It is safe to drink because the beans are already cleaned before it turned into coffee. 

In most Asian countries like Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia, this coffee is popular and the process of obtaining the coffee is quite known by many people. The civets eat the coffee berries and pass through the digestive tracts. The beans remained undigested and can be seen in the excrement. The dung is cleaned, dried and lightly roasted. 

This coffee is considered to have the best aroma because of the unique enzymes present in the civet's body which makes the taste bitter. The price of this coffee is quite expensive and usually ranges from $100-600 per pound. 

Try and experience the latest coffee craze! 

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Love can be a magic

Love really moves in mysterious ways. We cannot imagine how we can fall in love with someone whom we barely know. Yes. There are really means where we can meet our destined lover. I often advise my friends to wait patiently and they would meet their partner in the right time at place. I also often sing "Maybe this time" song by Michael Murphy. This song is about friends who meet again unexpectedly. Eventually, they fall in love with each other. So I guess, it is a happy ending.

Yes. That's right destiny could really be true? We can meet "special someone" whom we think would be our long time partner. What if we mistaken that person as the destined one? Oh. Thus, we can say, destiny is also playful. What if that person is not meant to stay? It really hurts. Yes. It is really not easy to teach our heart to stop loving someone if we have devoted and offered almost everything. It is really difficult to leave the person you decided to love and whom you thought you would share the rest of your life. Decide based on reason and not on your emotions.

Another serious thing is leaving without good reason. The person has already fallen and then suddenly left alone. At least learn that everything cannot be owned in this world. Don't expect everything will last. 

Love can really be thought as magic but maybe an illusion. 

Why the Sun is brighter than the Moon

In the Philippines, Bathala is the known creator of the world. He had a son and daughter named Apolaki and Mayari. All the creatures had loved his children because they were able to see from their bright eyes. Bathala was also fond of his children. He often watched them as they wandered across the meadow of heaven. Apolaki and Mayari's eyees shone continuously resulting to having always day in earth.

One day, Bathala unfortunately died. The siblings had a fight and no one was there to meddle. They quarelled because they both wanted to rule the world. Apolaki claimed that he was the son so he had to inherit his father's throne. "I am going to rule the world, whether you like it or not," he said to Mayari.

Mayari got very angry and her eyes flashed with anger. "I am also my father's child. I will succeed his throne," she said.

Their fight became intense until words were not able to express their furious rage. They both picked up wooden clubs and fell upon each other with fierce blows. The fight lasted until Apolaki struck Mayari in her face and then became blind in one eye.

Apolaki took pity on his sister. He decided to stop their fight and share their father's kingdom equally. He suggested to be friends and rule the world. 

Mayari agreed with his brother's idea. Starting from that moment, Apolaki has ruled the world half the time as he was known to be Sun. During his turn, the world is flooded with warm light because the light beams from his two bright eyes. On the other hand, Mayari had her shift and was known to be the Moon. The world is bathed with cool and gentle light as she was blind in one eye.

This is the story why there is Sun and Moon according to Philippine myth.

How people are created

In a far away land in Southern Mindanao, the Bagobos claimed there was neither a single man nor woman in the world. However, they believed that two great beings were created that time. The two mighty beings were known as Tuglay and Tuglibon.

One day, they felt sad and thought it would be better if there were other creatures besides them. Tuglay said, “Wife, it would be better if there were people in the world”.  Tuglibon agreed with her husband. “There should be people who will enjoy the beautiful new world we have made”, she said. She suggested to create a man and a woman who will love the blue sky, wide sea, flowers in the valleys and clouds in the mountains.

Tuglay immediately acted on his wife’s gesture and took some corn meal in his hands. He moistened and shaped it into human figures. He covered the figures with scales and gave them life. The people Tuglay made were not able to stood up and looked very wooden because he forgot to make joints in their bones.  Their arms and legs were very stiff making them stumble to the ground as they walked. Their eyes were very small, ears were half hidden and nose could be hardly seen. Aside from those, the creatures cannot hold anything with their hands because of their stiff fingers. Their body seemed like reptile because Tuglay covered them with scales.

Tuglibon revealed her dislike on the creatures. She said that she was not pleased with the people made by Tuglay and suggested to try to make again. However, Tuglay seemed satisfied with what he did. Tuglibon continued to persuade her husband to create better creatures by saying “How will the world look when it’s full of ugly creatures? People should move gracefully and not covered with scales as if they were serpents.”

Unfortunately, Tuglibon did not convince her husband. She believed that creatures should look better than what her husband did. She opted to throw a handful of corn meal into her husband’s eyes. She was determined to make a better one since her husband was not able to see what she’s doing.

She immediately moistened the corn meal that was left and shaped into human figures. She made joints in bones, bright eyes for seeing, well-shaped ears for hearing, larger nose for smelling, and pretty mouths for eating and speaking. She also added smooth skins for feeling and put scales at the tips of toes and fingers. Lastly, she gave them big heart and put life into them. She made them stood.

After creating the people, she washed Tuglay’s eyes. He was very angry though but when he saw the creatures he agreed that they were far better than what he had made. He appreciated her wife’s creation and said “They and their children will be the rulers of the world. They will love only the beautiful and shun the ugly.”

“They will enjoy the songs of the birds and they will wash their bodies in the cool springs and rivers. They will love each other. Watch the sun and moon at day and night. Finally, they will love us who created them.”

After it, they smiled at the creatures who became the ancestors of the people living on earth. As for the scaly creatures, nothing was heard from them.

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Long distance relationship

Boyfriend-girlfriend relationships usually start on high school days. This time people involved are not yet mature and it can be called "puppy love". After secondary education, they will go to different universities and this will make them think if they really are meant for each other. They might miss and eventually forget each other in the long run.

If they are meant for each other, there would be a way to make them reunited. Can we call this destiny? Well, anyway, I can attest to it. After so many years, if the people are really born for each other there will always be means for them to meet again. In this case, what if they are now together but miles apart because of work and family.

Well, this is a big issue. It makes the relationship complicated. It has benefits like they can focus first on career and achieve goals first before getting married. In this way, there would be no regrets. It is, on the other hand, very difficult because separation in distance and time is a great deal. This is true if a partner works abroad or shall I say at a great distance from his/her beloved. This makes them miss each other. Physical presence is very important in a relationship. That's why this brings too many worries. But this is a great way to test their love for each other. Longing and waiting for calls and messages are usual. This also tests patience.

Some worst cases include breaking-up with no closures. Infidelity is really common and difficult to resist. This is really hurtful especially when someone is still expecting. This is really upsetting especially when someone still cares and loves deeply. Thus, explanations and making-ups are very important to make the relationship work.

Loving involves patience, trust and honesty which can never be overshadowed by distance and time. In the future, look forward to a happy life with your partner. By that time, both of you will live together and spend the rest of your life holding each other's arms everyday. Long distance relationship might be really tough and challenging but hold on to your love for your partner.

Pancit miki

There are many kinds of noodles in the Philippines. One of which is miki. This is made from wheat flour. It is relatively salty and oily to prevent it from clustering. Anyway, I will present here another easy recipe on how to cook pancit miki.

You will need the following ingredients:
   bell pepper
   chicken or pork meat
   kikiam and meatballs (optional)
   broth cube (beef or pork)
   miki noodles
   ground pepper

This is the simple procedure:
1. Mince the garlic, onion and bell pepper. Cut the bell pepper horizontally. Slice the meat and vegetables according to preference.
2. Heat the pan and add oil (if the pan is already hot).
3. Saute garlic until light brown and onion.
4. Put meat and kikiam/meatballs. Add salt. Mix it well.
5. Add bell pepper and the vegetables. Put beans first followed by carrot then cabbage.
6. Add the broth cube and let it be dissolved in 2 cups of water.
7. Cover and let it simmer for 3 minutes.
8. Add the miki noodles (be sure to wash the noodles first it might be very salty)
9. Mix and cover until the noodle is cooked.
10. Lastly, add pepper to taste.

Bon appétit! 

Chicken curry

Chicken curry is a famous dish in India as well as in Philippines. Many Filipinos love the spicy taste of the cuisine. It is easy to cook and a beginner can try it. For a beginner, you can try my recipe:

    Chicken (chicken part doesn't matter)
    Curry powder
    Broth cubes (beef or chicken)
    Cooking oil
    Laurel leaves
    Milk (optional)

1. Mince the garlic, onion and ginger. Chop the chicken and potato according to preference.
2. Heat the pan and add cooking oil.
3. Saute garlic. After the garlic turns light brown, saute the onion.
4. Add chicken and mix it well. Add salt and potato.
5. Cover the pan for 5 minutes.
6. Add two cups of water and add 5 tablespoons of curry powder and broth cubes.
7. Cover and let it simmer for 10 minutes.
8. Check if the chicken is already cook by thrusting using a fork. If the meat is already tender, it is already cooked.
9. Add laurel leaves and pepper.
10. A cup of milk can now be added.

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Enjoy this easy yet delicious dish!

Sauteed squash with odong


     pork meat (and/or tofu)
     beef broth cube

1. Chop onion, garlic, meat (and/or tofu), squash and celery.
2. Put tofu in heated saucepan, add little salt and fry in low heat.
3. If tofu is already light brown, you can now sautee garlic until it turns light brown.
4. Add onion and pork meat. Let it stand for 5 minutes until the meat is half-cooked.
5. Add squash. Mix several times to evenly distribute the ingredients in the pan.
6. Add two cups of water. Cover the pan and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
7. Put the broth cube to add flavor. Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
8. Mix several times.
9. Wait until the squash is cooked. Celery can now be added.
10. Let it simmer for 3 minutes.
11. Serve hot.

This dish is very simple and easy to cook. A beginner can also do it well. It is best served for lunch and paired with fried fish. By the way, odong is not a popular kind of noodle in the Philippines. It can be mainly bought in supermarkets in Mindanao. It has a unique packaging and can be mistaken as misua.