Pink Fire Pointer Why the Sun is brighter than the Moon

Why the Sun is brighter than the Moon

In the Philippines, Bathala is the known creator of the world. He had a son and daughter named Apolaki and Mayari. All the creatures had loved his children because they were able to see from their bright eyes. Bathala was also fond of his children. He often watched them as they wandered across the meadow of heaven. Apolaki and Mayari's eyees shone continuously resulting to having always day in earth.

One day, Bathala unfortunately died. The siblings had a fight and no one was there to meddle. They quarelled because they both wanted to rule the world. Apolaki claimed that he was the son so he had to inherit his father's throne. "I am going to rule the world, whether you like it or not," he said to Mayari.

Mayari got very angry and her eyes flashed with anger. "I am also my father's child. I will succeed his throne," she said.

Their fight became intense until words were not able to express their furious rage. They both picked up wooden clubs and fell upon each other with fierce blows. The fight lasted until Apolaki struck Mayari in her face and then became blind in one eye.

Apolaki took pity on his sister. He decided to stop their fight and share their father's kingdom equally. He suggested to be friends and rule the world. 

Mayari agreed with his brother's idea. Starting from that moment, Apolaki has ruled the world half the time as he was known to be Sun. During his turn, the world is flooded with warm light because the light beams from his two bright eyes. On the other hand, Mayari had her shift and was known to be the Moon. The world is bathed with cool and gentle light as she was blind in one eye.

This is the story why there is Sun and Moon according to Philippine myth.