Pink Fire Pointer Long distance relationship

Long distance relationship

Boyfriend-girlfriend relationships usually start on high school days. This time people involved are not yet mature and it can be called "puppy love". After secondary education, they will go to different universities and this will make them think if they really are meant for each other. They might miss and eventually forget each other in the long run.

If they are meant for each other, there would be a way to make them reunited. Can we call this destiny? Well, anyway, I can attest to it. After so many years, if the people are really born for each other there will always be means for them to meet again. In this case, what if they are now together but miles apart because of work and family.

Well, this is a big issue. It makes the relationship complicated. It has benefits like they can focus first on career and achieve goals first before getting married. In this way, there would be no regrets. It is, on the other hand, very difficult because separation in distance and time is a great deal. This is true if a partner works abroad or shall I say at a great distance from his/her beloved. This makes them miss each other. Physical presence is very important in a relationship. That's why this brings too many worries. But this is a great way to test their love for each other. Longing and waiting for calls and messages are usual. This also tests patience.

Some worst cases include breaking-up with no closures. Infidelity is really common and difficult to resist. This is really hurtful especially when someone is still expecting. This is really upsetting especially when someone still cares and loves deeply. Thus, explanations and making-ups are very important to make the relationship work.

Loving involves patience, trust and honesty which can never be overshadowed by distance and time. In the future, look forward to a happy life with your partner. By that time, both of you will live together and spend the rest of your life holding each other's arms everyday. Long distance relationship might be really tough and challenging but hold on to your love for your partner.