Pink Fire Pointer World’s Most Expensive Coffee

World’s Most Expensive Coffee

World’s Most Expensive Coffee
VIVAnews – Indonesia does have a variety of coffee. Starting from the coffee of Aceh, Makassar Coffee, Toraja Coffee, and others. But there’s one coffee from Indonesia to worldwide. Namely, Luwak coffee. What are its merits?

Luwak coffee is famous for its price is quite expensive. If you want to sip coffee this kind in Jakarta, the price can be hundreds of thousands of dollars per cup.

However, according to Oprah Winfrey in one episode of her talk show in America, a cup of civet coffee valued at U.S. $ 50 (USD 500 thousand). And, in containers sold for about U.S. $ 600 (USD 60 million) per 4.5 kg. That’s why coffee is dubbed the world’s most expensive coffee.

The reason coffee is expensive and special, because the process of becoming a unique coffee. Civet coffee is coffee beans found in civet droppings, a type of animal that a lot of squirrels living in the forest edge near coffee plantations.

Naturally, Luwak beans have the instinct to choose a really ripe and should be eaten. In the digestive mongoose, the beans had chemical reactions with enzyme digestion mongoose. It is this process which gives a different taste in Luwak coffee.

Well, from civet droppings tersebutlah whole bean coffee that will be processed into a Luwak coffee. And, a cup of coffee-flavored delights mongoose strong.

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