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History Of Luwak Coffee


The origin of Kopi Luwak is closely connected with the history of Coffee production in Indonesia. In early 18th century The Dutch established the cash-crop plantations in their colony in Dutch East Indies islands of Java and Sumatra, including Arabica coffee introduced from Yemen. During the era of Cultuurstelsel (1830—1870), the Dutch prohibited the native farmers and native plantation workers to pick coffee fruits for their own use. Yet the native farmers desired to have a taste of the famed coffee beverage. Soon the natives learned that certain species of musang or luwak (Asian Palm Civet) consumed these coffee fruits, yet they left the coffee seeds undigested in their droppings. The natives collect these Luwak's dropping coffee seeds; clean, roast and grind it to make coffee beverage. The fame of aromatic civet coffee spread from locals to Dutch plantation owners and soon become their favourites, yet because of its rarity and unusual process, the civet coffee was expensive even in colonial times.

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Kopi Luwak Not just an urban legend

From Sean Paajanen, former Guide
Kopi Luwak coffee comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, an area well-known for its excellent coffee. Also native to the area is a small civit-like animal called a Paradoxurus. That's the scientific name, the locals call them luwaks. These little mammals live in the trees and one of their favorite foods is the red, ripe coffee cherry. They eat the cherries, bean and all. While the bean is in the little guy's stomach, it undergoes chemical treatments and fermentations. The bean finishes its journey through the digestive system, and exits. The still-intact beans are collected from the forest floor, and are cleaned, then roasted and ground just like any other coffee.

The resulting coffee is said to be like no other. It has a rich, heavy flavour with hints of caramel or chocolate. Other terms used to describe it are earthy, musty and exotic. The body is almost syrupy and it's very smooth.

One must wonder about the circumstances that brought about the first cup of Kopi Luwak coffee. Who would think to (or even want to) collect and roast beans out of animal feces? Perhaps a native figured it was easier to collect the beans from the ground this way, rather than having to work harder and pick them from the trees? We'll likely never know. But because of the strange method of collecting, there isn't much Kopi Luwak produced in the world. The average total annual production is only around 500 pounds of beans.

Because of the rarity of this coffee, the price is quite outrageous. If you can find a vendor, the current cost for a pound of Kopi Luwak is around $300 or more. Some more adventurous coffee houses are selling it by the cup, but you won't likely find it at your local coffee shop just yet. The coffee isn't so spectacular that it's truly worth that amount of money. You are paying for the experience of enjoying such an unusual and rare delicacy.

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World’s Most Expensive Coffee

World’s Most Expensive Coffee
VIVAnews – Indonesia does have a variety of coffee. Starting from the coffee of Aceh, Makassar Coffee, Toraja Coffee, and others. But there’s one coffee from Indonesia to worldwide. Namely, Luwak coffee. What are its merits?

Luwak coffee is famous for its price is quite expensive. If you want to sip coffee this kind in Jakarta, the price can be hundreds of thousands of dollars per cup.

However, according to Oprah Winfrey in one episode of her talk show in America, a cup of civet coffee valued at U.S. $ 50 (USD 500 thousand). And, in containers sold for about U.S. $ 600 (USD 60 million) per 4.5 kg. That’s why coffee is dubbed the world’s most expensive coffee.

The reason coffee is expensive and special, because the process of becoming a unique coffee. Civet coffee is coffee beans found in civet droppings, a type of animal that a lot of squirrels living in the forest edge near coffee plantations.

Naturally, Luwak beans have the instinct to choose a really ripe and should be eaten. In the digestive mongoose, the beans had chemical reactions with enzyme digestion mongoose. It is this process which gives a different taste in Luwak coffee.

Well, from civet droppings tersebutlah whole bean coffee that will be processed into a Luwak coffee. And, a cup of coffee-flavored delights mongoose strong.

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