Pink Fire Pointer Kopi Luwak (Cat poo coffee)

Kopi Luwak (Cat poo coffee)

Drinking coffee has been a part of everyday's life of many people. People usually start the day by drinking coffee. This beverage can be prepared in many ways like black, with milk, less sugar, etc. It is no wonder that coffee shops sprouted all over the world, one of which is Starbucks.

Do these shops offer crappy coffee? I don't think so. Currently, there is a latest craze in America. It is known to be "Cat Poo Coffee". This coffee is somewhat special because the java juice comes from the droppings of a cat-like creature called civet. The coffee drinkers though have to pay at least $30 for a cup of frothy brew.

People might think twice before drinking this strange coffee. They might think its dirty knowing where it comes from. It might be unsanitary because Muslim authorities almost banned the beverage in Indonesia. Needless to say, the coffee is sanitary and healthy. It is safe to drink because the beans are already cleaned before it turned into coffee. 

In most Asian countries like Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia, this coffee is popular and the process of obtaining the coffee is quite known by many people. The civets eat the coffee berries and pass through the digestive tracts. The beans remained undigested and can be seen in the excrement. The dung is cleaned, dried and lightly roasted. 

This coffee is considered to have the best aroma because of the unique enzymes present in the civet's body which makes the taste bitter. The price of this coffee is quite expensive and usually ranges from $100-600 per pound. 

Try and experience the latest coffee craze! 

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