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Types of Coffee

There are two types of coffee which is very famous in the world, That is Arabica and Robusta
Although worldwide there are about 70 species of coffee trees, from the size of shrubs to trees with a height 12 meters, but only two species of coffee trees, which are generally known to be produced as a product of coffee. Both these species are used for production of about 98 percent of world coffee production.
Coffee was first developed in the world is Arabica Coffee from the species Coffea arabica coffee trees. This type of coffee is the most widely produced, which is about more than 60 percent of world coffee production. Arabica coffee from Coffea arabica species produce the best type of coffee. The tree species is usually grown in upland areas. Coffee tree height is between 4 to 6 meters. Arabica coffee has a caffeine content of not more than 1.5 percent and has a number of chromosomes as many as 44 chromosomes.
Other species of coffee tree is also quite a lot of coffee is produced as Coffea canephora is often known as Robusta coffee. Coffea canephora tree height reaches 12 meters and can be planted in areas with lower than arabica coffee. Robusta coffee is typically used as instant coffee or fast food. Robusta coffee has a higher caffeine content, it seems more neutral, as well as a stronger coffee aroma. The content of caffeine in coffee robusta reach 2.8 percent and has a chromosome number was 22 chromosomes. Robusta coffee production has reached a third of world coffee production.
One type of coffee that is not unusual and very expensive, specialty coffee from Indonesia called Luwak Coffee. Mongoose animal delighted to find a good enough fruits including coffee fruit as food. Coffee beans from the best fruit that is very popular mongoose, after eating discarded along with feces, which previously fermented in the stomach mongoose. Coffee beans like this, in the past often hunted coffee farmers, because it is believed to come from the best coffee beans and fermented naturally. And according to belief, this Luwak coffee taste is really different and special among the fans and coffee lovers 

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