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history of luwak coffee

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Civet coffee ever ... this is how history
Animals weasel or mongoose is a mammal that is often encountered in the vicinity of settlements or even very good at climbing this perkotaan.Hewan, more often wandering over the trees, though more often fall into tanah.Musang itself is also more active at night to seek food and others from activities.
Often we find also ferrets roam at night to forage in the settlement, we often encounter even weasel himself climbing the power cord, tile house or even the surrounding buildings and they are always moving into the ground or looking for spaces in the house a lot of food, like in the kitchen or on their own gudang.Musang also like to explore the dense forest with trees because ferrets also like fruits and grains.
Ferret badger own or more often we hear from the public opinion as a chicken thief, even if it appears more frequently ate raccoons various fruits in the forest or in the yard, including bananas, papayas, coffee, and also the fruit timber.
Other prey that are often more inclined to eat civet own small animals, such as earthworms, lizards, ants, including the rat
In places that we often skip or even that we've seen mongoose which are dumping feces, feces in the form of visible grain tercena not in it, so that the seeds remain intact ferret own digestion seems shorter and sederhana15
So that's where it is said badgers or raccoons prefer fruit really ripe to become
mongoose food