Profit sharing in Islamic banks - Perbankan Syariah - use the term profit sharing ratio, that is the proportion of profit sharing between the customer and the Islamic bank. For example, if customer service Islamic banks offer profit sharing ratio of 65:35 iB Savings. That means customers of Islamic banks would get the result by 65% of the investment return generated by the Islamic banks through the management of public funds in the real sector. Meanwhile, Islamic banks would get a portion of revenue sharing by 35%.How to calculate the revenue sharing? 

For financing products / deposits of Islamic banks, such as Savings iB and Deposit iB, the determination of the profit sharing ratio is influenced by several factors: the type of deposit, the estimated investment income and bank operational costs. Only iB deposit products with an investment scheme (mudaraba) who get the return for the results. Meanwhile, for deposit products iB with deposit scheme (wadiah), return that was given in the form of bonuses.

First of all calculates the level of investment income that can be distributed to customers. Expected investment income is calculated by Islamic banks to look at the performance of economic activity in sectors that become an investment destination, for example in the property sector, trade, agriculture, telecommunications or transportation sectors. Each economic sector has different in characteristics and performance, so will provide investment returns in different as well. As befits a manager of investment, Islamic banks will use a variety of economic and financial indicators that can reflect the performance of the sector is to calculate the expectations / projections of investment returns. Including historical indicators (track record) from investing activities of Islamic banks has been done, as reflected by the average value of all types of financing iB that had been given to the real sector. From the calculation, it can be obtained from the amount of investment income in the form of equivalent rate-that will be distributed to customers for example by 11%.

Furthermore, calculated the amount of investment income which is a section forIslamic banks themselves, to cover operational costs while providing a reasonable income. The amount of operating costs depending on the level of efficiency of each bank. Meanwhile, a fair amount of revenues, among others, refer to the financial indicators of Islamic banks in question such as ROA (Return On Assets) and other relevant indicators. From the calculation, shows that Islamic banks requires investment income, which also counted in the equivalent rate-for example at 6%.

From both these figures, then the profit sharing ratio can be calculated. The portion of the results for our customers is: [11% divided (11% +6%)] = 0.65 or 65%. And for the results to Islamic banks amounted to: [6% divided (11% +6%)] = 0:35 or 35%. So the ratio for the results then can be written as 65:35.

Of course, in practice iB customers not need bother with a difficult calculation for the results of this kind. Society just ask how many rate indicative of the Savings Deposit iB iB or she is interested. Rate this indicative rate is the equivalent value of the investment income will be distributed to customers, expressed as a percentage eg 11% or 8% or 12%. So the community with a fast and easy to calculate how much profit to be earned in the savings and invest in Islamic banks. Very easy isn’t it?

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