Pink Fire Pointer Pangalengan Bandung

Pangalengan Bandung

Pangalengan is a small town about 45 km from Bandung to the south is temperate cool and rich with natural beauty. Pangalengan famous producer of a variety of green vegetables that are sent to several cities in Indonesia.
The town is famous as an agricultural area, livestock as well as tea and quinine plantations managed by PTPN and cow milk-producing areas. In this region a lot of industries that processed cow milk into products such as chewing food or milk is often called caramel, milk crackers, dodol milk, tofu milk and dairy noga.
Your journey towards Pangalengan will be a truly enjoyable experience because it will be presented with a lot of charm tourist attractions including plantations, lakes, forests and adventure rafting. Everything is perfect for releasing tension and refresh your mind.
Pangalengan be one location that is being developed ecotourism Bandung regency government to become prime tourist destination through tourism awareness program. Pangalengan famous cool, and producing milk. In this place there are many interesting sights such as the panoramic view of tea gardens, pine forests, and vegetable garden that became a typical scene at an altitude of 1000-1400 meters above sea level.
The small town has a million beautiful natural charm. Here you can find many attractions such as Situ Cileunca, Malabar, Cibolang hot water bath, tea plantations, and many other attractions.
Exploring nature in Pangalengan you can do in one area that is very close, integrated with each other, and the relationship between nature and adventure tourism attractions such as outbound, paintball, flying fox, and other activities. So, you do not have to waste time, energy, the budget also will be more friendly. (UKy)