Pink Fire Pointer Civet coffee is real coffee from Indonesia.

Civet coffee is real coffee from Indonesia.

Coffee! This high-caffeinated drinks ecstasy ranked 2 worlds, one level below the water in terms of consumption. No fewer than 2 million people every day drinker, coffee became the third largest primary commodity below, oil and gas. Because of its popularity, it's no surprise that there are tens, even hundreds of new varieties that are found intentionally or not appear. Starting from the known to the Arabica coffee, Yamen Mocha, Java, Oxaca, etc.. All these seed varieties, race - the race to supply the coffee, meet the high demand from various countries around the world. Brazil, known as the largest coffee producing country in the world. The country is supplying 2 / 3 or approximately 67.77% in terms of exporting coffee. Next is the country of Kenya. Country located in eastern Africa relies on coffee as its main commodity. While Indonesia itself according to FAO statistics rank 3, as a supplier of world coffee. Incidentally, there are 3 types of superior varieties of this country is very famous and popular by the kafeinisme world, the nickname given to people - the fans of coffee drinks. Into 3 types of coffee are known as the Sumatra coffee (Mandheling Lintong), Sulawesi, and Civet. Sumatra coffee is of superior varieties from Indonesia. At planting in the highlands, making it a sharp aroma, strong, and slightly acidic. This type of Sumatra coffee is the principal ingredient in the manufacture or Doppio Espresso (double espresso), which has a strong aroma of black, pain drowsiness. As for the fans of Star Bucks. World famous coffee shops, which have no less 100 outlets spread across every country, certainly not alien to the taste of coffee Sulawesi. Yup ..! Sulawesi coffee, which is better known abroad as the Village Coffee is used by Star Buck as a raw material mix their kinds of drinks. Starting from Latte macchiato, Viennese roast, Hazelnut chereme, etc.. Because of high demand from Japan, Star Buck even willing to spend them for the sake of patenting this Sulawesi coffee. While the latter is Kopi Luwak. Some of us may still feel alienated by the name of this coffee, some may only know as the label coffee sold in supermarkets. Actually, such as whether this coffee? Perhaps, Luwak Coffee is the most peculiar types of coffee in Indonesia, or even in the world. Why? Because the process of picking Luwak coffee beans are very different from coffee - another coffee. Coffee is generally harvested first and then the seeds are picked when ripe. Meanwhile, the process of picking Luwak coffee, arguably is a bit disgusting. Where when coffee beans are ripe, the farmers took off Civet (a type of civet or civet) to eat the seeds - seeds that fell. After that they waited for the Luwang is throw dirt. Nah! coffee beans that come out simultaneously with that Civet droppings are taken for further processing. Many people who doubt how this case of fermentation. However, researchers at the Canadian research proves, that the protein content in the stomach Luwak, a coffee beans ferment and mature more perfect. Thus, the resulting feeling much better and solid than coffee - coffee the other. Once there was a researcher from the UK dating far - far corners of Java trace only to prove the truth of myth Luwak coffee. However, up to one month duration of his tour of Java, no one who can show the existence of these Luwak coffee. So he says that myth Luwak coffee is just a lie "it's a big Scam." However, as the saying goes. Dogs barking khafilah passed, Civet Coffee has entered into the list of most enjoyable coffee and most wanted. The price in the world market soared. 635 U.S. dollars must be spent to get 1 kg of civet coffee. In America alone, for Luwak coffee tasting, we had to spend $ 50 U.S. dollars, if the exchange rate to dollars, prices range from approximately 400-500 thousand rupiah. ONLY FOR ONE CUP! is equivalent to the price of 2 ribs Toni Romas, who sepiringnya worth 200 thousand. Figures are fantastic just to sip a cup of coffee. This phenomenal coffee even became a hot topic in America, and went on Oprah Winfrey Show. Events Realiti American show which was hosted this Oprah watched no fewer than 4 million people every day. It seemed, when talking about Luwak coffee, people are no longer talking about myth. Myth or not, Luwak coffee from Indonesia is already a go-international, and the title as most expensive coffee and weirdest in the world.
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