Pink Fire Pointer Silver will outperform Gold

Silver will outperform Gold

Optimistic tone of the narrative it becomes part of the President Director of HMV Bullion, Vizal Fepwarmen, during their presentation to the media about the investment in Batam on Monday (03/07/2011).
According to records Vizal, world gold price since March 2010 until now risen 30 percent. Now gold reached 1438 U.S. dollars per troy ounce. "But in the same period, silver prices rose 110 percent," said Vizal.
He added that the current silver price per troy ounce in the range of 1 U.S. dollar. The price of a kilogram of silver was still 42 times cheaper than a kilogram of gold. "But wait three or four years into the future, the price of silver will be more than gold," he said.

Silver eventually become expensive because of its uniqueness. Silver this has been part of photography equipment, health, until the jewelry no one recycles. Moreover, rod-shaped silver-certified that it produced for investment purposes.

Vizal said that consumers are reluctant to accept silver bullion, certified scratched or dirty. "If conditions are such that silver prices will fall," he said.

Gold always be a part of recycled goods, such as watches to jewelry. In conclusion, over time become unique gold rather than silver.

However, Vizal recognize need much explanation to the general public was increasingly choosing to silver as a vehicle for investing. "We must teach to the community," said Vizal.

HMV Bullion, said Vizal, is a company selling the precious metal gold and silver.

Company based in Batam, Riau Islands Province, was executed with the online system, "We present real time information for gold and silver prices," said Vizal Fepwarmen.
It is all predictions Vizal Fepwarmen. Now the choice is your hands, Silver or Gold

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