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Luwak Coffee Halal

Luwak Coffee Halal if Washed

Author: Icha Rastika | Editor: A. Wisnubrata

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 | 17:09 pm

JAKARTA, - Through the fatwa No. 4, July 20, 2010, Council of Ulama Indonesia or MUI declared that Luwak coffee, the coffee prepared from coffee beans extracted from animal waste civet (civet), including kosher or be consumed by Muslims. However, the beans must pass through leaching before it can be said kosher.

"His status is mutanajis Luwak coffee beans, meaning that an object exposed to unclean. Mutanajis that if cleaned, washed, then the coffee bean is pure, kosher, can be consumed," said Deputy Secretary of the MUI Fatwa Commission Aminudin Jacob, on Tuesday (20/07/2010 .)

Aminudin said the fatwa was issued MUI Luwak coffee to answer community questions about whether or not kosher coffee taken from the animal dung. According to him, the MUI has done a study and found that animals eat only the outer skin Luwak coffee fruits and leaves skin horn coffee fruit. "And if planted, could grow the coffee beans. As such, it is not unclean, but mutanajis," he said.

Mutanajis different from the unclean. What does this say unclean, according Aminudin, one of them, is an object that Muslims are prohibited to be consumed, such as pork. However, mutanajis when an object is exposed to conditions that can be said unclean kosher if it is cleaned.
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