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And Luwak Coffee increases Bestsellers

Editor: Ignatius Sawabi

Monday, August 2, 2010 | 8:16 pm

LIWA, — Long discussion about halal or haraam Luwak coffee profitable commodity trader. Sales of coffee badgers in West Lampung District increased by 30 percent even though the price is expensive, which is Rp 200,000 and Rp 750,000 per kilogram. "Lately, the public increasingly wants to know how the coffee taste real badger so that the sales increases," said Wahyudi Santoso Luwak coffee trader at Village Way Confess, Behind the Hill Districts of West Lampung, about 278 km west of Bandar Lampung, on Monday (08/02/2010 .) He said the increased sales of highly profitable coffee badgers were farmers. High interest in the community against this type of coffee was also seen in the Exhibition Building in Bandar Lampung, Lampung implemented from July. "The response of the public looks at the implementation of Lampung Fair. They dig badgers out more about coffee, good animal husbandry, cultivation, to process the coffee powder," he said. He said himself in the exhibition building was able to sell 70 kg of coffee powder badger. Coffee badger origin of West Lampung District has a high quality, so demand for commodities is likely to rise from year to year.
West Lampung coffee exports largest badger sent to South Korea and Taiwan. Price badger quality ground coffee exports reached USD 750.000/kg, while the price of civet coffee is still shaped glondong or spheres reach USD 200.000/kg. Previously Head of West Lampung Mukhlis Basri said, the quality badger West Lampung coffee include the best in Indonesia. "The production of coffee from Lampung Barat badger dare to compete with other regions in Indonesia. Badger Processing of coffee beans into coffee powder also still consider the quality," he said. Related to that, he said badgers into commodities coffee West Lampung. He also asked farmers to maintain quality of the coffee. "Coffee farmers should be smart to seize opportunities that exist and coffee badgers became a good opportunity to develop into commodities," he said. Meanwhile, the price of ground coffee in West Lampung last July to Rp 12,700 to Rp 13.000/kg. While commodity prices of dry beans at the farmer level in South Lampung regency remained at USD 13.000/kg. source: