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whole coffee beans

 Once roasted, coffee has a short shelf life. In as little as two weeks the coffee loses much of its flavor and may develop a stale taste. Whole Coffee beans store better than ground coffee because the oil in the beans has not yet been exposed to air, which causes the oil and the flavor to evaporate. Purchasing whole beans and grinding them as needed for each brewing ensures that each cup taste its best, but the roasted beans require proper storage so they retain their flavor for as long as possible.



things you'll need:

  • Glass storage jar

    • 1
      Open the package the roasted beans came in. Nearly any type of bag allows moisture and air to leach in to some extent. Pour the beans into a glass storage container with a rubber-ring seal.
    • 2
      Place the lid on the container and check that the rubber ring is lined up between the lid and the jar correctly. Fasten the lid in place.
    • 3
      Place the container in a dark, dry area, such as a pantry. Alternately, store the coffee in the freezer.
    • 4
      Each day, remove only as many coffee beans that you plan to grind and use. Take care not to introduce any moisture to the jar. Secure the lid properly in place before returning the coffee to storage.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Store ground coffee the same way, but be aware it should be used within a week.
  • Substitute an airtight plastic container for the glass jar if necessary, though the beans do not retain their flavor as well when stored in plastic.
  • Most whole bean coffees lose their flavor and aroma within a month. Only buy as much as you can reasonably use within a one- to two-week period.


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