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Best coffee beans should select what kind?
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Many people confuse the choice about what kind of coffee should they choose. Maybe you've heard questions like these: "Where better yes, robusta, arabica or the other huh?" I think the answer is "it depends". Depending on this point: which one is better is determined by the user.
Before we discuss further, it's good I have to say about the types of coffee available. Actually there are more than 60 species of coffee. Among these species, only 2 developed a large scale for consumption of coffee connoisseurs. Both types are Arabica and Robusta. Both have typical, distinct taste and aroma.
Each type (both Arabica and Robusta) will have the taste and aroma are quite varied, if coming from different places. For example: the taste and aroma of arabica coffee of Java will be different with arabica coffee lampung or flores.
Here are the hallmark of Arabica coffee in general:
- Having a distinctive sour taste. How sour taste will be quite varied between types of arabica with each other.
- Has a distinctive aroma and delicious.
- It's bitter and mantab
- Levels of 50% less caffeine than Robusta coffee
Here are the hallmark of Robusta coffee in general:
- Having a distinctive sour taste. There are no sour taste at all.
- Having a sweet scent.
- It's mild / gentle
- Levels 2 times more caffeine than Arabica coffee
So, which one should you choose?
To dish that uses milk, cream, coconut milk, or other material that feels delicious (as do the majority of the menu at the Coffee House) should you use Arabica coffee.
For a simple dish of coffee that does not use the material above, for example: just mix the sugar, honey, cinnamon, or similar material, you can adjust to taste. It's up to you, would select Arabica or Robusta. But for a unique taste, you should use the Java product Maxima Perfect Blend. This product contains a secret blend of different types of coffee (not just the common type of coffee that you encounter). The taste and aroma is really suitable for serving black coffee (black coffee) and instant coffee.
To diet / lose weight, you can consume Robusta coffee prior to exercise. High caffeine will help you burn calories better.
To accompany work overtime or to ward off fatigue and drowsiness, you can consume coffee Robusta.