Pink Fire Pointer Learning how to cook

Learning how to cook

Cooking has been my hobby since I was I child. My parents always ask me to cook our meals. It was a great challenge since I had to prepare for the ingredients and use sharp knives to slice them. Eventually, it took years for me to improve my cooking skill. I had to put much effort and time.

I had an opportunity to experiment my dishes since I had so many friends who also love to cook and bake. I gained experience and skill by watching carefully on how people cook. I often attend seminars, conferences and gatherings. These events gave me ideas on how to improve and put twist to my recipes. Watching cooking shows are also helpful but these programs usually suggest complicated styles on preparing dishes. But don't worry, there are also few programs that provide useful tips on cooking practical dishes. Perfect combination and mixing of ingredients will definitely be improved after many cooking trials.

Cooking is a never-ending challenge. Effort and determination are greatly needed to perfect the dishes. It is also important to be happy while cooking. I really believe that the cook's mood is reflected into his cooking. Don't hesitate to put a twist on your cuisine. 

Have a happy cooking!