Pink Fire Pointer How to go to Samal Island

How to go to Samal Island

Davao has been a famous tourist destination. The place is popular because of the beautiful places like museums, parks and festivity. Aside from that, the foods are also delicious and cheap. Tuna and fruits are also abundant all year round. Captivating sceneries like beaches are found in Samal. How can a tourist relish the experience?

Davao City has port in Sasa. It is located at the 2nd district, Buhangin. Passengers and vehicles can be transported from the city to Samal Island by taking a ferry. When I went there on the second week of October, we paid P270 for the vehicle and P10 each for passengers. We waited for 10 minutes to get on the ferry. Vehicles are positioned properly so as to balance the weight. We arrived at the port after 15-20 minutes.

Have a safe trip. Enjoy the beautiful beaches in Samal.