Pink Fire Pointer Civet coffee (Luwwak Coffee) mint flavors

Civet coffee (Luwwak Coffee) mint flavors

What do you think if you hear about Givet Coffee or Luwak coffee? Will you be my think about coffee with special coffee taste. Luwak coffee verry famous in the word because of the taste. The price of Civet Coffee is verry expensive, but the price is worth a taste. So what do you think if you hear about Civet Coffee with min flavors?

As at the posting in the forum ( that in West Lampung is developing Luwak coffee mint flavors. With the development of civet coffee variant is expected to increase the attractiveness of West Lampung as a tourist destination in the province of Lampung.

Luwak coffee with mint flavour is a new variant of coffee flavor, Luwak coffee ment flavour-making ideas into a strategic move to boost sales of these products luwak coffee. Variations Luwak coffee products in West Lampung will impact on employers' economic improvement, other than that of the new product will add to the diversity of processed coffee products. ( Gunawan (38), luwak coffee entrepreneur from Way, Kecamatan Balik bukit, Lampung Barat, in Liwa

West Lampung is the largest coffee producing areas in Lampung Province. For half of the coffee region were developed as the main livelihood of local masyarat.

Kopi Luwak become one of the leading products in the district of West Lampung. Coffee product called West Lampungincreasingly recognized in foreign countries. Luwak coffee production is still limited mint flavor. Employers only meet consumer demand Based on the orders. Mint Luwak coffee prices reached Rp900.000/Kg.

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